An oasis of colours and beauty to enjoy the countryside with the best and highest standards.



Villa Curiano, in its current shape and form, dates back to the middle of the 19th century. It has been recently renovated to add all the comforts of a modern 21st century property, where guests can
enjoy its beauty with all the high standards expected.

The Villa counts 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, of which a guest bathroom and one dedicated to the swimming pool. The mansion is characterised by two large entrance halls, one on the ground floor, also known as the Trophy Hall, and one on the first floor. The living room is spacious and overlooks the gardens. The Villa’s facilities also include a lift, air conditioning in all the bedrooms and indoor and outdoor wifi for a great relaxing and enjoyable stay.

The gardens envelop the main building and include a wooded area, beautifully refreshing in the summer heat. The wood is also a place wonder for children where they will also discover a brick play house and swings. Hours and hours of fun and games can be had there!

The swimming pool is beautifully located to offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills, submerging the guests in a oasis of blue and green.