• villa-curiano

    Your luxury villa in the midst of Siena’s countryside.



Villa Curiano is the core of the small and exclusive humlet of Curiano, overlooking the 400 hectares Curiano estate, active in the organic farming system.
Located in the heart of the “Crete Senesi“, the world famous hills south of Siena, and now an Unesco world heritage site. The Villa is 18km south of Siena and 20km north of Montalcino, renowned for its most famous red wine, Brunello.

Indeed, the view from the estate expands from the Mangia Tower and the Bell Tower of Siena’s famous cathedral to the Montalcino hills and its medieval fortress. Both historic cities can be seen in the distance offering a breathtaking prospect.

Lovers of the Sienese landscape all attest to its unique gentle yet also paradoxically savage beauty. Gently undulating hills offer a dark green palette in spring, which turns into a fierce deep yellow one in the summer. The whole contrasts sharply against an earth of such a striking red brown that artists have given that colour a name: Siena. One could say that it’s the colour that had a most profound impact on the art of the Italian Renaissance.

Nature, history, art and wine all embrace and surround Curiano, offering a great starting point to appreciate a full Tuscan experience.